k9 massage services for dogs of all sizes

Similar to massage therapy for humans, the muscles are first warmed up, then treated with direct pressure, and finally closed off with calming strokes.


Massage Therapy has the following benefits for canines:
-Enhanced muscle tone and range of motion.
-Reduced inflammation and swelling in the joints
-Promotes the healing process
-Releases Tension
-Stimulates circulation, releasing endorphins
-Helps to maintain the whole body in better physical condition.


complimentary initial consultation
Want to know more about how massage therapy can benefit your dog?  This free one-on-one consultation is a good way to meet our K9 massage therapist to get your questions answered.  Please bring your doggie and allow for 20-30 minutes.


50 minute k9 massage therapeutic session :: $60
prepaid pack of 3: $150


30 min small dog therapeutic session :: $40
prepaid pack of 3: $105


long-term treatment options available for senior dogs or those with chronic conditions.


TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT FOR K9 MASSAGE, call 604-682-1899 or e-mail massage@bowwowhaus.ca.