spa-w @ bwh broadway :: our services 

bath + tidy :: classic short :: $29 (< 12lbs); $36 (<25lbs); $45 (<50lbs); $55 (<75lbs); $60+ (76lbs+)
(ideal for chihuahuas, boston terriers, labs, & other short-coated breeds)
de-shedding brush out, nail trim, ear clean, deep cleansing bath, blow dry

bath + tidy :: classic long :: $38 (< 12lbs); $46 (<25lbs); $58 (<50lbs); $68 (<75lbs); $80+ (76lbs+)
(ideal for papillons, aussie shepherds, golden retrievers & other long-coated breeds)
brush & comb-out (up to 10 min of de-matting), nail trim, ear clean, deep cleansing bath, another full comb-out, blow dry

full groom :: $62+ (for dogs up to 25lbs); $70+ (for dogs 26lbs and up)
brush & comb-out (up to 15 min of de-matting), nail trim, ear clean, deep cleansing bath and blow dry, paw pad trim, paw shaping, under-arm & sanitary trim, along with a fur-cut & style.

add-on services:

extra de-matting :: $8-15

Please note that for the well-being of our canine clients, even though we work very gently and carefully, we will not de-mat for more than 20 minutes at each appointment as it can be painful & stressful for your dog.  If your dog is very matted, we will contact you and recommend a short clip this time instead.

add-on de-shedding :: $10-25
Perfect all-season to help remove some undercoat and reduce the shedding a bit!

extra time for stressed doggies :: $10-25
If your doggie is very nervous (or perhaps even a bit hostile) about being groomed, our experienced groomers will just take a bit of extra time (or require a second set of hands) to help ensure that we can safely complete the groom while calming your stressed out pooch. If you know that your dog is likely to require extra care in handling (from experience with previous groomers) – please just let us know in advance so that we can plan accordingly and make it the best possible experience for your dog this time around.

dead sea salt scrub :: $7-14 

We use a unique blend of dead sea salts and natural minerals to help eliminate dandruff, draw out toxins from skin, and relieve itching.  Formulated with organic whole-leaf aloe vera, vitamin E, and rosemary essential oil, this treatment will relax and soothe your pooch.

paw pad shave + paw shaping :: $8-15

It’s a must-have add-on in rainy/snowy weather to help keep your dog’s feet clean and dry. (included in all full groom appointments)

poodle feet (shaved feet) :: $10-15

Looks great on poodles and poodle Xs (we also love poodle feet on Cocker Spaniels and other breeds with long fur on legs)

later pick up :: $8 per 30 minutes

When you drop off your dog, we’ll let you know when your dog will be ready – and we ask you to pick up your dog within 15 minutes of the agreed upon time.  If you need us to keep your doggie a while longer, just call and let us know – we’ll take your dog out for a quick pee break and give him/her a comfy bed to lie on while waiting for you!

To ensure the safety and comfort of all dogs in our care, we do not offer flea or de-skunking treatments.  
Please give us a call at 604-568-8959 to obtain a customized quote for your dog and to book an appointment. Check out some grooming FAQs here.