frequently asked questions :: grooming

how often should my dog be groomed?
This varies greatly for each dog – depending on the coat, style and activities of your pet.  Generally most dogs do well with a bath every 3-4 weeks, and a groom every 4-8 weeks.  We offer a loyalty program – if you book a bath or groom within 4 weeks of your dog’s last visit, we’ll offer you 15% off.

what kind of products do you use?
All our grooming products are natural and SLS & paraben-free.  We will consult with you about what your preferences are – and we’ll also choose products that best suit your dog’s skin & coat.  We only use products we use on our own dogs and carry in our shops.

do you express anal glands?
Though once widely offered through groomers, it is now a controversial topic.  The most current opinion is that should your dog not be able to express his/her anal glands naturally, then this is a procedure that is most safely performed by a veterinarian.  We want to offer the best services possible, and we will always opt to for the route that we feel is safest for your dog.

can you keep my dog all day while I’m at work?
To reduce stress on your dog, we’ll ask that your dog be picked up within thirty minutes of being groomed.  If your dog is a regular client of our doggie daycare – then we’ll groom your doggie towards the end of the day so that s/he can enjoy playtime for most of the day – and be ready for you by pick up time!

will my dog be safe?
By not rushing through any appointment, not using cage dryers, never leaving your dog unattended, hiring great staff and never overbooking our days – we do everything we can to ensure your dog is safe.  When working with dogs though, we cannot avoid accidents 100% of the time.  If there is ever an issue, we will always contact you immediately and ensure that your dog is treated right away as all our staff are pet first aid certified.