Teaching your dog to "Watch Me"

Here’s a great article from Shannon Malmberg at Zen Dog Training – a great foundation command to teach your doggie: This exercise is the precursor to all dog training. It teaches the dog calm focus and attention to his handler. Without teaching your dog the “watch me” command, you are competing with the world (ie. squirrels, children, other dogs) for his attention – and without his attention, you can’t properly … Read More →

An easy no-recipe recipe…

Many of you will have tried the amazing meaty “muffins” we carry. I often use the same specialty muffin mix to create quick & easy healthy treats for my dogs with whatever else I happen to have on hand – with no measurements needed. First, gather whatever healthy ingredients you have on hand to create the wet base. I mashed up a couple ripe bananas and mixed in some natural … Read More →

Encouraging Play with your Pooch!

While I grew up with dogs in my childhood, Lucie, my golden retriever, was my first dog that was all mine and as an adult. Looking back, I see that I was awkward in my new dog parent role – I remember feeling like I had two left feet at my first group class, trying to maneuver a wiggly pup on a leash, and feeling self-conscious using my “happy voice” … Read More →

The scoop on poop…

When I got a dog, never did I think I’d spend so much time talking about (and I admit, thinking about) poop! In the shop, I also spend a lot of time talking to customers about it too. Though to a non-dog owner it may seem strange, it actually does make a lot of sense since their poop is a good indicator of how well their doing on their current … Read More →

Hello, Monday :: Meet Punk!

This week, we’re introducing Punk – one of the store doggies at our 4th+Pine location! He’s really the friendliest little guy who loves to play with all doggies – and would love for you & your doggie to come say hello… Tell us a bit about Punk! What kind of doggie is he – and where did he come from? Punk is a mix of breeds. Definitely poodle but after … Read More →

Getting ready for Howl-O-Ween!

Not sure how the dogs can tell, but somehow they seem to know when I’m baking doggie snacks and not people snacks. Tonight, I baked up some roasted sweet potato mini cupcakes for our Howl-O-Ween party happening at all the BWH locations (Friday, Oct 28 @ 6:30p :: All friendly doggies & their people are welcome!) The dogs love it when I bake treats for them at home – and … Read More →

What exactly is green tripe??

Most dog owners know that their doggies LOVE green tripe and that it smells gross… but do you know what it is and why it’s a great thing to add to your doggies’ diets? We recently added K9 Naturals to our line-up of healthy foods – and they had a great overview of green tripe and we wanted to share some of the info with you: “Tripe is the stomach … Read More →

hello, monday :: Sofia!

This week, we introduce you to Sofia – our daycare manager extraordinaire! Why did you decide to run a doggie daycare? They say if you follow your passion then it’s not considered work! My passion is dogs & photography, I get both at the daycare, I pinch myself everyday! I feel very blessed. Your fave part of the job? There are a few, but the top three are: 1. Check-in … Read More →

RECIPE :: Leftover turkey? :)

Do you still have some leftover turkey sitting around? Here’s an easy, healthy recipe to whip up some tasty k9 treats: what you’ll need: 1 cup cooked turkey (all chopped up) 1 cup brown rice flour (plus a bit more for rolling) 1 egg 3/4 cup mashed, cooked yam/sweet potato/carrot (whatever you have – if not, you can sub in canned pure pumpkin) 2 T cranberry sauce (or honey) 1 … Read More →

Hello, Monday :: Chelsea!

Every Monday, we’ll introduce you to one of the people (or doggies) that make up BWH – staff, owners, doggies, suppliers, service providers, designers & more. We kick off the series with Chelsea! Tell us a bit about you! What do you do at BWH? My name is Chelsea, I am the assistant manager of BWH West End, and I am also the owner of Confident Canine Obedience. As a … Read More →